Nationwide Mortgage Licensing

Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System

The SAFE Mortgage Licensing Act establishes minimum standards for the licensing and registration of mortgage loan originators. Through these centralized and standardized system and standards, fraud is reduced and consumer protection is enhanced in participating states, the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories.

The NMLS Unique Identifier is a number permanently assigned by the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System & Registry (NMLS) for each company, branch, and individual maintaining accounts on the NMLS Registry. The Unique Identifier provides regulators, the industry, and the public with a tool that ultimately tracks companies and individuals throughout time, and even through different states. For more information regarding the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System, please visit their website at:

First & Farmers National Bank
NMLS 707598
Lender Location NMLS ID#
Alan R Houck Somerset Main 1449151
Amy Hansford Somerset Main 1242333
Andrew Cooper Somerset Main 811081
Ashley Fudge Russell Road, Columbia 1145251
Barney Latham Albany Main 811085
Ben Spears Burkesville Main 811098
Chad Grant Albany Main 811083
Connie Stringer Plaza, Somerset 1092391
Dorlene Page Albany Plaza 811090
Gayle Rogers Columbia Main 811096
James “Jim” Reams Grand Central, Somerset 1228082
Jason McFarland Columbia Main 811086
Jeffrey Alexander Burkesville Main 811078
Joyce McWhorter Grand Central, Somerset 811087
Lisa "Danette" Hancock ColumbiaMain 54857
Matt Hurt Burkesville Main 910273
Matthew Washam Somerset Main 811100
Meredith C. King Somerset Main 1481361
Patricia Branham North Main, Somerset 811097
Rebecca Buis Plaza Branch, Somerset 811077
Rita Miller Albany Plaza 811088
Robert Kennedy Somerset Main 804298
Roy Adams Nancy Branch, Somerset 623095
Shannon Roeper Albany Main 811095
Shelia Ramsey Burnside Branch 811093
Stacy Popplewell Russell Road, Columbia 811091
Steve Morgan, CEO Albany Main 811089
Terry Pugh Somerset Main 811092
Tonya Absher Somerset Main 804109
Vickie Wells Burkesville Main 811101
Wes Bryant Columbia Main 1233228
First & Farmers National Bank
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